Frequently Asked Questions

Can people make an anonymous report?

Yes, RightCall clients must be prepared to receive reports that are made anonymously.   Anonymity will be guaranteed by RightCall when a report is received by telephone or any other reporting channel where the reporter wishes to remain anonymous.     RightCall has strict obligations under the Corporations Act not do disclose the identity of a reporter unless the reporter has given permission?

Can I make a report to RightCall if my employer is not a RightCall client?

Yes.   While it is not usual, RightCall can receive information from you if your employer is not a client.  In that event we will contact your employer and ask if they wish to receive the information provided.  If your employer’s response is that it does not wish to receive the information, then RightCall will not be able to pass the information on.   In that event we would attempt to contact you to let you know the outcome and talk with you about your other options.

What does it cost to participate in RightCall?

RightCall charges a fixed annual monitoring fee.   Costs vary with the size and complexity of the organisation.   The fee includes reasonable advice on setting up a whistleblower system and for staff training etc.    We will be happy to prepare a detailed quotation for you.

What legislation governs the RightCall service?

RightCall has specific compliance obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 and the Privacy Act 1988.  

What happens to the information provided?

RightCall will pass all information received securely to nominated senior executives within one business day of receipt.     We will not seek to validate any of the information received.   The information will be conveyed by encrypted password protected email only.

Does RightCall provide investigation services?

No, but we can refer you to providers who may be able to assist.

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